Not A Good Real Estate Agent

4 Feb

Even though it’s not my company I thoght this video was HILARIOUS!! I promise you I have a car, and INTERIOR access to homes!


Real Estate Website Poll

2 Feb

Hello everyone, would you please help me out by answering this simple poll question, I’m trying to keep my ear to the street and see what you guys are doing online when it comes to Real Estate searches. If the one you like is not listed please type it in the OTHER field!

Thank you,


Welcome To JustAskOmar.Com

1 Feb

As I launch my new blog today I am very excited to see what comes of this new venture. If anything I will see myself aging and be the only one reading this, but I’ll be positive and hope I get some attention and really get this thing rolling. Again if your reading this thank you and see you back here often. Thanks!